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The main activity of SPIRALTEX INDUSTRIE is the design and the manufacture of braiding machines, and also peripheral equipment (collectors, winders,…)


With the target to be present on high tech markets, and due to an innovative research, SPIRALTEX INDUSTRIE became one of the world leader on the market of electric cable protection and screening. High accuracy machines have been developed, integrating the control and the storage of the manufacturing data by a computer, with a software specially developed for this application.

SPIRALTEX INDUSTRIE is also taking a preponderant place in the medical field, for the manufacturing of bio-compatible implants. On this market for more than 15 years, with innovations that stand out as milestones, we continue the development of machines more and more efficient, and able to produce articles giving always more impressive results.

At the forefront of the research, SPIRALTEX INDUSTRIE has developed and manufactured with the French Textile Institute (IFTH) a multilay interlock braider (braider 3-D), which allow a great improvement of the structural characteristics of the parts manufactured.

The EUREKA excellence label attributed to one of the European project which we participate actively, is a reward for our permanent will of development, directed towards innovations.

SPIRALTEX INDUSTRIE is, in other respects, still well set up, in traditional business fields, like the textile industry, the wire industry, the hose industry, and also in the growing market of structures made with composite materials


  • Aeronautics
  • Medical
  • Military Officer
  • Electrics
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Clothing, Fashion


Very widely distributed on a national basis, our products are equally present in a big number of countries, among which these:

Germany, Indonesia, England, Israel, Australia, Italy, Austria, Morocco, Belgium, Czech Republic, Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey ,United States, Greece


Principal Sectors of activity targetted

  • Aeronautics
  • Medical
  • Automobile
  • Military
  • Electric
  • Sport and Leisure

  • Clothing
  • Fashion
  • Cabling
  • Trimmings
  • biomedical Components
  • Aeronautic Parts
  • Ropemaking Industry




These Overbraiding machines are specially designed to produce protection braids around the electric bundles. This can be achieved with metallic threads: Inox, Copper,... or textiles threads, plastic, or composite: Polyester, Polyamide, Polypropylène, Nylon coating PVC, Nomex, aramide, ... A complete range of machines has been developed :

From 8 to 64 carriers or more, covering the different diameters of the derivations to be overbraided.


The general structure of the machine can be vertical or horizontal, offering the possibility of braiding on a vertical or horizontal axis. This allows us to adapt to the different ergonomical, technical and technologicals constraints. The circulation regulating the progress of the bundles is carried out by a capstan, by a band transporter, or by a circulation caterpillar, thus adapting to the different natures of the bundles, and to different work processes. To change the work configuration quickly, thread type change or changes assembly of thread by spool, a system developed by SPIRALTEX INDUSTRIE allows us reduce the necessary time for the replacement of the carriers to an absolute minimum: About 5 minutes instead of 60 minutes for a 24 carrier braiding machine. This rapid one way locking system of the carrier on the carrier foot does not necessitate the use of tools, and prevents any inappropriate fitting. - Differents axes of possible braiding, adapted to established work methods and to the applications (length of the spindles, length of the derivations, ...). - Different warning levels, according to the products to be covered, and their usage, allow us to obtain several degrees of precision, and thus optimize the repetition of the braiding operation for the realization of series by example.


The haul-off and braiding motors are driven by frequency variaters, and are synchronized. The control canter allows us to check the machine in all circumstances: Start Forward/Back, Quick/Slow, Speed Tuning Potentiometer,.... Different levels of equipment are available: -Start control and a foot speed regulation

- speedometers, counters
-programmable robot for the management of the different manufacture parameters and different security elements
-dialog Interface with keyboard
-communication Software with PC


A complete range of take-up and pay-off stands for drums of diameter : 400, 750, 1050, 1200, 1650, 1800, 2200 mm or following your requirement.

Principal characteristics :

• spool fixture between points or by axis
• Pulling by the weaving machine or by electric motor
• hydraulic, pneumatic or manual leverage
• Manual or electic leverage controls
• Trancanage by mechanical case or vis à filets croisés
• Pneumatic braking, or by strap




Designed to produce the packaging of principally metallic thread, on spools adapted to the weaving trades, from traditional industrial packagings (spools to the norms DIN or other).

The body is composed of a simple semi-automatique spindle bobinoir and of an unwinding cantre with a number of adjustable positions. The unwinding of every section is regulated and piloted individually, assuring thus a high winding quality. Copper, dipped Copper or silver-plated, or all other facing, ....... Capacities: diameter of 0, 05 to 1 mm, according to the qualities of the used thread.


For the manufacture of its entier weaving industry range, Spiraltex Industry conceived and developed a manufacture procedure with variable sliding paths . This exclusive procedure allows on the one hand, the reduction of the maintenance costs while limiting parts replacement, and on the other, the production of woven material composed of large number of spindles: 192 or more.

The manufacture characteristics of the Spiraltex weaving industry :
• Trays with guided notches on a big height and turning on combined rollers,
• Feet of guided spindles by 3 points,
• Production of quality parts, provides a long lifespan, and allows smooth running at high tensions on the spindles, without deterioration of the weaving quality, or premature wear of the moving parts.

Basic Spiraltex weaving equipement comprises :
• Order organs mechanical under an oiltight crankcase, lubricated under pumps pressure.
• Protection of the motor by thermal relay.
• Thread break detectors or end of spindle ,allied to the manufacturing characteristics of the weaving industry, already allows for an optimized 24 hour non-stop operation, for a reduced maintenance and a minimum investment.

The security and the protection of the user are assured by a barrier placed around the spindles with a access door protected by an electric switch which stops machines the machine when open. Additional equipements can be adapted to the machines, which simplify their usage even further, or improve the work conditions of user, and the performances of the weaver :

• Conception of vertical or horizontal weaving techniques.
• Speed variation of weaving by potentiometer
• Motorized circulation with speed variation by potentiometer, and synchronisation of circulation speed to the weaving speed.
• Caterpillar circulation for horizontal weaving
• Gable tray alternately in cast iron and in special plastic, which function without lubrification.
• Secure and insonorised cabin
• Electric system specially designed for weaving
• Longitudinal thread paths of the axes of plateaus
• Metric Meters, and schedules,...
• Circulation speedometer
• Emission and reception on all types of spools

A complete of range spindles, adapted to the weaving of different matters: textile, plastic, metal and composite, as well as a wide choice of tension springs for every model, offer a solution to all the positions.

The enunciated technical characteristics above make trades to braid Spiraltex machines particularly adapted to the production :
• Of high and very high pipes pressures, reinforced by a overweaving textile or metal, with diameters up to 300 mm and more, intended for the liquid or gas transportation.
• Of parts produced in composite materials, intended for the state of the art industries such as aeronautics, requiring as many as 192 spindles or more. And many many others.


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